Working Capital

$25K to $200K

5-Year Term & Monthly Pay

(Not a Merchant Cash Advance Product)
Takes just 5 minutes to Apply
No Closing Costs or Origination Fees

Monthly Payment

This Working Capital (WC) Financing Program will always be paid back using monthly payments. There are never weekly/daily payments. Having affordable monthly payments is ultimately less stressful on cash flow than daily or even weekly payments. We want to decrease your stress.

Annual Costs are far less than an MCA

Although we’re not tax advisors and never give tax advice, this WC Program is tax deductible. After-tax cost of funds will be far less than a merchant cash advance (MCA). The average annual after-tax deduction cost of funds will be between 15% – 20% per year (in simple interest) times 5 years. That annual cost will decrease as corporate income tax costs keep rising. Please check with your tax advisor regarding your specific situation.


This WC Program is paid back over 5-years. The main idea behind this program is to get your business the lowest monthly payments possible. That way you can keep your cash for more important things (restructure existing high-cost debt, expansion, marketing, new equipment, payroll, etc.) There will also be an ongoing tax deduction.

Your existing debt balances do not need to be paid off

Unlike other financing programs on The Street, this WC program does not require that existing MCA or other loan balances be paid off.

Will not interfere with 
another funding

This WC program does not create blanket UCC’s for your business. No bank, MCA provider, or SBA lender will require these balances be paid off in order to qualify for their financing.

Will strengthen your
Business Credit Profile 

Your business’s Experian, Equifax and PayNet credit scores will be positively impacted by your timely monthly payments.

No-Personal Guarantee

If your business has good credit with over 3 years of positive PayDex history, including past leases on any type of equipment or vehicles, it will likely not require your personal guarantee.

No Upfront Costs or 
Origination Fees

This WC Financing Program has no upfront costs to apply. There are no origination fees either. Fees are only collected upon the successful funding of our clients. We close approved applicants in 7–9 business days. We also believe in total transparency.

No Restrictions on the
Use of Funds

When your business gets this WC Financing, there are no restrictions on the use of funds. You will have between $25,000 and $200,000 to use for any lawful purpose you choose with no oversight from our team.


Takes less than 5 minutes

Scan your completed application and email it to along with a most recent month’s bank statement (all pages in one pdf document) and a photo of your driver’s license (front and back). 

Call 800-819-9406 for assistance.